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Modern Device Management

Empower employees with the ability to work on any device and access applications and data seamlessly and securely. This provides increased mobility and flexibility.

Work on any device from anywhere

Tech-savvy employees demand a better workplace experience, including modern devices, access to the best applications and a personalized workplace experience. Traditional device management is too complex, resulting in long wait times, a cumbersome approval process and outdated technology, as well as employees who are less engaged, satisfied and productive.

7.1+ million managed devices

1.1 million managed virtual desktops

Work seamlessly and securely

Modern Device Management gives employees a consumer-like experience to choose the device, data and applications they need to do their job. We also help businesses define the unique needs of employees based on their job function or role to align their hardware, software and process requirements. This ensures they have the right tools to work efficiently and collaborate effectively from day one.

When employees need to update their tools and access new software, they can do it easily — through a personalized, self-service marketplace. They work seamlessly and securely, and can easily switch between devices or virtual desktops on the go.

Complete device management

Address the entire device life cycle with an optional Device as a Service model that includes procuring, financing, provisioning, managing, securing and supporting devices and applications. Gain greater flexibility with our managed, end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure and application service — available in the cloud, on premises or using a hybrid model. In addition, simplify and secure processes and workflows with our managed print services, all while increasing efficiency.


Device as a service

Enjoy a single and automated delivery model throughout the entire device life cycle, with flexible pricing to control costs.

Managed print services

Simplify and secure processes and workflows, all while increasing efficiency.

Virtual desktop and applications services

Securely access desktops, applications and data from anywhere, using any device.


Uniper transforms into a digitized company through IT modernization, co-innovation and co-creation

A key goal for Uniper was to give employees the ability to quickly switch to remote working anytime, anywhere, when needed. Key improvements included a new fully cloud-managed workplace based on modern user devices, Microsoft 365 and Teams.


Global insurer boosts innovation, simplifies operations and improves employee experience

A major global provider of both life and property and casualty insurance needed to become more customer-centric and innovative — reducing IT costs through simplification.

Driving a more efficient workplace

In a hybrid work world, companies that leverage VDI can provide employees with the excellent experiences they need outside the office to keep productivity up. Mike McDaniel, president, DXC Modern Workplace, provides insight into the topic in this interview that took place at Dell Technologies World 2023.

Four ingredients of an incredible employee experience

Creating an incredible employee experience — an environment where employees are engaged in, eager about and excited to do their jobs — is challenging. Here are four things companies should put into place to boost their EX ratings.
sunset panorama as day transitions to night

The Great Transition: Shifting to digital assets, ESG values and hybrid work

The shift from the industrial model to an information economy based on intangible assets, ESG values and hybrid working patterns is underway.

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Helping customers provide a more personalized and modern workplace experience by offering choice to their employees.

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Connect, collaborate and innovate anytime, anywhere on any device with modern workplace solutions.