DXC Technology Delivers AI-Powered Automation to Transform Procurement for Spanish Autonomous Community of Castilla & León

DXC Delivers AI-Powered Automation for Spanish Autonomous Community of Castilla & León (left). Credit: Adobe Stock.

VALLADOLID / MADRID, SPAIN, July 5, 2023  DXC Technology, a leading Fortune 500 technology services company, has announced that it is working to digitally transform the Spanish public sector organization Junta de Castilla y León (JCyL) by implementing AI-powered automation for the autonomous community’s procurement processes. The collaboration makes JCyL the first Spanish local government region to implement robotic process automation, reducing time spent on administrative activities for public contracting.

As a result of the implementation, government procurement contracts and procedures between JCyL, bidders and contractors can now be processed digitally. As JCyL receives more than 22,000 files, messages and communications for contracts each year, the transformation will significantly reduce time and resources spent on managing public sector contracts in the region.

With DXC’s AI solutions, JCyL is able to automate a large proportion of its contractual process instantly and accurately around the clock. As part of the contract, DXC has integrated platforms, administration tools and public administration databases to build a centralized hub for procurement management.

In the next phase of the project, scheduled for September 2023, DXC will implement robotics to fully automate the processing of more than 300 contracts with an estimated value of more than two hundred million euros spanning electricity suppliers and postal services.

"By automating processes, public sector employees will be able to focus their efforts on the true purpose of public administration. The transformation means our colleagues will have more time to serve their citizens while reducing environmental impact by optimizing energy usage in data management,” said Jorge Martínez Fernández, Head of the Procurement Rationalization Service at Junta de Castilla y León.

"DXC is a longstanding partner to the Spanish government, supporting public sector organizations with their digital transformation journeys,” said Juan Parra, General Manager at DXC Technology Iberia. “Using our experience and knowledge of business automation processes, we are proud to have implemented AI-powered automation in the public procurement processes of Junta de Castilla y León."

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